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Online Quran classes for kids are not as easy as you think to find one for your kids. This is because face-to-face learning is different from online learning. Both have different styles of learning. If the style doesn’t suit the kids’ preferences, surely they would turn their face from the laptop. In other words, they would lose their interest in learning, which makes them lose their focus in the class. So, an INTERACTIVE and FUN class from Beana Home Quran is a solution for your kids!

What are Online Quran Classes for Kids Beana Home Quran?

BEANA Traning & Consultancy is a wholly-owned Bumiputera company registered in December 2016 that aims to continue the development of universal Islam with the needs of the Muslim community these days.

Starting from the Covid-19 era in March 2020, Beana Home Quran began operating from home.

Is it possible to learn Quran online?

Parents must be worried, whether it is possible or not for their kids to attend online Quran classes, right? The new norm of learning is something that we need to try to work out. Social distancing should not be an excuse to prevent us from learning, as it requires our creativity to make it possible.

Even if it’s an online class, learning etiquette needs to be practiced. You can read about Online Learning Etiquette here.

Beana Home Quran applies fun techniques for learning

We cannot deny the fact that kids love to play. Whether they are eating or taking a bath, they always play at the same time. This is because kids learn through their play. That is why Beana Home Quran conducts online Quran classes through various ways of playing. Thus, kids will stay happy throughout the learning process and did not feel the time passes.

online quran classes for kids
The kids are playing in the online Quran classes for kids

Why you should choose Online Quran Classes for Kids Beana Home Quran?

  • Flexible Class Schedules

Students can choose the day and time for their classes if the standard learning time does not match their own daily activities timetables.

For your information, the online Quran classes are conducted using online platforms such as WhatsApp video call, Zoom, Skype, or Line.

  • Qualified & Certified Quran Tutors

Qutor, or Quran tutors from Beana are all certified by JAIS and Beana itself to maintain the quality of the teaching staff and the teaching content of the Quran itself.

  • Structured Quran Learning Module

Beana has special programs and a structured curriculum to develop kids’ love towards the word of God (kalam Allah) and make the learning experience easy, fun, and engaging.

Students will use the most effective learning modules named Smart Jazary Module and Smart Fardhu Ain. Besides that, the Smart Jazary Module is also suitable for adult learning. Watch the video below to read comments from adult students about it.

online quran classes for kids

Many parents have chosen Online Quran Classes from Beana for their kids

These online Quran classes have become the choice of many parents since its opening. Overall, Beana has received many positive feedbacks from the testimonials given by parents.

kelas mengaji online kanak-kanak 2

Parents who are interested in having the services of Online Quran Classes for Kids from Beana Home Quran can refer to the details below.

Register the online class on Beana Home Quran Website

Link to WhatsApp (6011 5223 4111)

Facebook Link: Beana Home Quran

Instagram Link: Beana Home Quran

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