Fun Online Quran Learning Malaysia

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iLuvQuran is one of the finest platforms in Malaysia for children or adults who are willing to study and learn the Quran from the beginning. This institute is a fun online Quran learning Malaysia in which they encourage children from an early age to learn the Quran. They accept all groups of ages to understand the meaning of the Quran.

The iLuvQuran platform is dedicated to giving your kids the greatest possible Quranic education. Depending on the child’s age and general aptitude, they offer several programs for various classes as shown below.

Fun Online Quran Learning Malaysia

What are the Benefits of Joining Fun Online Quran Learning Malaysia Offered by iLuvQuran?

1. Time flexibility

Going to school may take some time. You may save time by enrolling your children in online Quran classes. You save time since you don’t have to leave the house to send or pick up your child. You must set aside 30 to 45 minutes from your usual routine to take the Quran classes online. That way, you may dedicate attention to other interests as well.

2. On-demand topic matter relevant to Quranic studies | Fun Online Quran Learning Malaysia

As a parent, you are constantly concerned about whether your child is learning accurately. However, taking online Quran lessons makes it much easier to keep track of your child’s progress. You may sit next to your child when they take their Quran class online. You can also approach the teacher to obtain an accurate report on your child’s performance.

3. A holistic approach (read, memorize, understanding)

Teachers will analyze the children’s recitation with Tajweed and makhraj correction via online platforms such as Google Meet and Whatsapp video calls. The teacher will next guide your child to memorize the Quran verse in each class session based on their memory ability. To assist them in understanding more about the surahs, each class will delegate tasks linked to the Tafseer of the surah, such as an online game, crafts, or printed material.

4. FLEC stands for Fun Classes, Loving Teachers, Engaging Classes, and Creative Activities

1) FUN Classroom – The entire learning process is absolutely pleasurable and happy in a stress-free, nurturing environment in order to create a positive link with the Quran.
2) LOVING Teachers – Trained and qualified, but not overwhelming. As a result, lessons are delivered with a message of love.
3) ENGAGING Activities – They use a variety of auditory, visual, and kinesthetic elements in their lessons. Hands on approach in learning will create a deeper and meaningful connection to the teachings of the Quran.
4) CREATIVE Activities – Use their own module, created by experts known as “ILHAM.” They are constantly creative in delivery methods.

Watch the video below to know more about iLuvQuran online class.

Packages for Online Quran Learning by iLuvQuran

1. Quranic Discoveries

Children in the Quran beginner playgroup between 5-12 years old are present. 60% of this tahfiz class involves memorizing the Quran, both individually and in groups. 40% is surah comprehension (storytelling, games, quizzes, videos, arts and crafts, experiments related to the surah covered for the week).

2. Online Personal Coaching (Children) | Fun Online Quran Learning Malaysia

Consists of 5-12 years old children that attend and supported by their teacher in a one-to-one online class. This program gives 100% full attention to the student; hence, parents shouldn’t be worried that their child will be neglected.

3. Quranic Seedlings

Fun Online Quran Learning Malaysia

This is the perfect class to support students in memorizing the Quran at their own pace and without stress. Numerous exercises are used in this lesson to help students understand the surahs and become familiar with Arabic letters and vocabulary.

For recitation or memorizing, a one-to-one session lasts about 15 minutes. Your kids will enjoy and benefit from the stimulating environment of this program.

4. Quranic Junior Al-Hafiz | Fun Online Quran Learning Malaysia

Fun Online Quran Learning Malaysia

This lesson mostly concentrates on memorizing the Qur’an and reviewing previously memorized surahs. Along with surah comprehension, in-class exercises will include some courses on hadith and Quranic Arabic. Students who read the Quran fluently are highly suggested to enroll in this course.

5. Online Personal Coaching (Adult)

Looking for additional knowledge on the correct and accurate pronunciation of Quran?

Ages 12 and above can participate in this program to improve their Quran memorization, reading, and a general understanding of the surahs. Student who can read Quran can gain this knowledge by joining the class.

6. Online Personal Coaching (Family) | Fun Online Quran Learning Malaysia

A group of 4 siblings and below can join this program by learning Quran together. Students can enjoy learning the Quran with family while spending time together.

The instructor will put special emphasis on the students memorization, reading, and overall comprehension of the surah.

7. Khatam Iqra and the Quran

For this program, parents can select either a khatam Iqra or a Quran session. Additionally, parents can choose the preferred time to conduct the session by following their free time. There are three packages available for this program, and students can select a time frame from only 8 months to finish the Quran.

How to Register for Fun Online Quran Learning Malaysia with iLuvQuran?

Parents who are interested in having the fun online Quran learning Malaysia classes from iLuvQuran can refer to link provided below.

Register Online Class via iLuvQuran Website

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