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Diving shop near me – that’s what divers usually type in Google, right? Finding the nearest location to buy your diving equipment might be the best thing to discover, especially if you are someone who is busy and don’t have much time to commute.

Worry not, Scubatex Resources which is the diving equipment supplier in Malaysia is here to cover all your needs for diving equipment!

Where is Scubatex Resources Located?

For your information, this diving shop is located at Subang Jaya and serves all scuba diving equipment, including the full set of scuba diving equipment.

Landmark & Operating Hours

The landmark of Scubatex Resources is at Mydin Subang Jaya Hypermarket (Mydin Wholesale Hypermarket) and SJK (C) Chee Wen. Kindly click the maps below to navigate to the shop.

Besides, the operating hours are:

Monday – Friday | 10:00 A.M. – 6:00 P.M.

Saturday | 10:00 A.M. – 5:00 P.M.

Closed every Sunday and Public Holiday

Shopping at Scubatex Resources | Diving Shop Near Me

What is so special when it comes to shopping at Scubatex Resources?

Besides having a variety of brands and equipment, they also offer 20% off for every walk-in customer that makes purchases at their shop.

Not to forget their ex-students, they will get 25% off for their purchase at Scubatex Resources.

WOW, it is so convenient and affordable as we can save more!

Scubatex Resources: Trusted Diving Equipment Supplier in Malaysia

Diving shop near me

Scubatex Resources Sdn. Bhd. is the only Bumiputera-owned company in Malaysia that distributes scuba diving equipment and is registered with the Ministry of Finance.

Scubatex Resources has been in the industry for about more than a decade. They attach great importance to product quality at reasonable prices so that customers are always satisfied and will repurchase.

Not Just Selling Scuba Diving Equipment | Diving Shop Near Me

Scubatex Resources does not only sell scuba diving equipment, but they also provide services for scuba divers. Some of the services provided are:

1. TryOut Scuba

Diving shop near me

TryOut scuba session will allow divers to experience diving in shallow water with the guidance of their qualified diver. You will get to practice your scuba diving techniques through this session before deciding to get a scuba diving license.

It is a 2-hour scuba session with an experienced scuba instructor. The best thing is all the equipment is provided by Scubatex’s team. You just need to enjoy the feeling of breathing underwater!

Besides, the price is also affordable because you can join this TryOut scuba session for just RM150 for weekdays and RM180 for weekends.

2. Diving License

If you want to obtain a scuba diving license and are excited to explore the underwater, Scubatex Resources will help you to achieve your certificate and license.

The price range to get a scuba diving license with Scubatex Resources is from RM1,150 to RM1,500 only! 

3. Diving Trips

Diving shop near me

If you have obtained a scuba diving license, you can go on diving trips with Scubatex Resources. Their inbound diving trips will be held in Pulau Tioman, Pulau Perhentian, and Pulau Redang based on the clients’ conditions and demands.

For outbound destinations, the diving trips will be held at Bali and Raja Ampat. These places are some of the most beautiful islands for you to experience some magnificent sea creatures!

How to Reach Scubatex to Get Their Services and Products? | Diving Shop Near Me

Now you have got all the information needed for scuba diving, right? For more information, do not hesitate to go to Scubatex Resources’ website and their Facebook Page to learn more about scuba diving.

That’s all for now from Cik Min! Hope you will get some insights from today’s sharing about “Diving Shop Near Me”.

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