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All parents always wish for the best for their children, both in their studies and religious practices. For Muslim parents, taking their children to a fun Quran class at Shah Alam might be the finest present you can offer them to be successful in their life in this world and the Hereafter.

Early exposure to the Quran will assist sparks a child’s interest in learning more about Islam. Allow our kids to have fun in Quran class at Shah Alam. As everyone knows, it’s best to start studying while a child is young since teachings stick in their minds like a carving in a stone.

Thus, iLuvQuran prioritizes Quran learning for kids and offers a distinctive selection of physical and online Quran programs that are specially tailored to suit all ages and abilities.

Where can Parents Bring Their Kids to Physical Quran Class by iLuvQuran?

iLuvQuran offers physical Quran classes at their centers, which include Wangsa Melawati, Kelana Jaya, Bangi, Nilai, Cheras, Simpang Ampat, and Kuala Kangsar. While the Shah Alam branch used to provide physical classes, however only online classes are currently accessible.

Fun Quran Class At Shah Alam

2 Learning Modes Offered by iLuvQuran – Fun Quran Class at Shah Alam

iLuvQuran has two options for the Quran Class. Parents can choose to register the physical or online classes for their kids.

Those who live far away from an iLuvQuran center can have their children learn Quran without having a face-to-face lesson but still communicate with their lovely teacher by meeting online. iLuvQuran understands that parents may have limited time to send their children to their center or other constraints.

Below are the two different types of classes with their packages offered by iLuvQuran:

1. Physical Class

  • Fun Quran Class At Shah Alam
  • Fun Quran Class At Shah Alam
  • Fun Quran Class At Shah Alam

2. Online Class

  • Fun Quran Class At Shah Alam
  • Fun Quran Class At Shah Alam
  • Fun Quran Class At Shah Alam

What Makes iLuvQuran Different Compared to Other Brands?

iLuvQuran does not just teach how to read the Quran. The caring teachers at iLuvQuran will lead them to remember and grasp the meaning of the surah via enjoyable activities such as games, arts and crafts, experiments, storytelling, role acting, reciting with gestures, and more to motivate children to love and live the principles of the Quran.

Their core values are:

1) FUN Classroom – Children are encouraged to have fun in the classroom to create a pleasant experience, enjoyable and happy in a stress free nurturing environment.
2) LOVING Teachers – Trained and qualified, but not overwhelming. Thus, lessons are taught with a message of love.
3) CREATIVE Play based learning – Use their own own module, created by experts known as “ILHAM.” They are constantly creative in delivery methods
4) ENGAGING Activities – They use a variety of auditory, visual, and kinesthetic elements in their lessons. Hands on approach in learning will create a deeper and meaningful connection to the teachings of the Quran.

How to Register the Fun Quran Class at Shah Alam with iLuvQuran?

Fun Quran Class At Shah Alam

Individual progress and development are prioritized in classes, with no compulsion or pressure.
FREE TRIAL CLASS is available at iLuvQuran, as well as a money-back guarantee.

Parents who are interested in a fun Quran class at Shah Alam with iLuvQuran can refer to the links below. 👇

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