Business During The Pandemic: Truly Gourmet

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Ethan Wong, founder of Truly Gourmet, can attest that starting a small business during the pandemic can be intimidating. This happened because of the numerous obstacles and potential barriers that the process entails.

Despite the many hurdles to investments, Ethan Wong is now known as today’s aspiring entrepreneur! Today, let us dive into the story of Ethan Wong as he established Truly Gourmet.

Truly Gourmet’s Founder | Business During The Pandemic

2020 has been nothing short of a hellish experience for individuals and companies all around the world. Nonetheless, it has also become the catapult that launched Ethan Wong, his own business during the pandemic.

While Wong was searching for a means to survive during the challenging period, he came to the decision to resurrect his abandoned ‘tempeh chips’ research from 2018. Fully further developing it for another year, Ethan Wong founded his own company, Truly Gourmet, in the mid of it.

How It Started | Business During The Pandemic

Ethan Wong grew up helping out at his family’s restaurant and went on to work as a chef in Malaysia and abroad for many years, before launching his own sourcing company in November 2019.

When the pandemic struck, his ongoing projects, like many others, were halted. When he experimented with ‘tempeh’-making using various ingredients in 2018, he decided to pursue his passion for making ‘tempeh’ and established Truly Gourmet. 

The Struggle

Running a highly specialized home food business necessitates an enormous amount of dedication and attention to detail.

The products offered are not cheap, as per small business owners, because of the multitude of time and energy spent in producing these products, often with minimal or no assistance at all.

A ‘tempeh’ business, however, is difficult to scale due to its short shelf life of 5 – 7 days, despite the variety of ‘tempeh’ Ethan Wong is able to produce with various ingredients. As a result, he chose ‘tempeh chips’, which have a longer shelf life and can be produced in large quantities.

Ethan Wong tends to make his own ‘tempeh’, fermenting it personally. He gets awake at 5 a.m. daily and spends 3 hours hand-slicing ‘tempeh’ before manually frying it in a mixture of rice bran oil and canola oil.

Wong’s chips are scrumptious, with thin, crispy shards that are fried to perfection, and subtly seasoned with sea salt which becomes Truly Gourmet’s main product.

“A lot of people have this misconception that making tempeh chips simply involves taking ready-made tempeh from the market and frying it. But it’s not like that; I make it from soybeans and ferment it myself for a few days, so it’s much more technical and time-consuming…”

– Ethan Wong, The Star

So, if you are keen to try these ‘tempeh’ chips, do visit Ethan Wong’s website, Facebook or Instagram today!

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